About Massy Finance Remittances | MoneyGram Agents in St Lucia

Massy Remittance Services (St. Lucia) Ltd is the agent for MoneyGram International (MoneyGram) in St. Lucia.  MoneyGram Money Transfer services are offered throughout our Massy Stores Network.

Operations started on Wednesday 4th December in four convenient Massy Stores locations. These include Massy Stores Rodney Bay, Waterfront as well as Massy Stores Home at Sunny Acres and La Tourney.

The objective is to have the MoneyGram brand represented throughout the entire Massy Stores network across St. Lucia. Massy Remittance Services has represented MoneyGram in the Region for over 20 years. This long-standing, international partnership has made Massy Stores an important player in the remittances market in the region and particularly in Trinidad and Guyana.