Customer Advisory: COVID-19 - Massy Finance Remittances St.Lucia

We wish to assure our customers that we have taken the necessary steps to minimize the risks associated with the spread of COVID-19, including mandatory hygienic cleaning practices, frequent hand-washing and/or use of sanitizers, staff quarantining measures and practicing of social distancing with each business transaction.

We kindly request that all customers and/or visitors who are feeling unwell, showing flu like symptoms or have been in any way compromised by exposure to someone with the virus, refrain from coming to our offices. This is being done to safeguard everyone.

We kindly ask that you adopt this same approach when interacting with us.

Customers are encouraged to contact us on

  • 457 2200 – Massy Stores Rodney Bay
  • 457 2263 – Massy Home Store Sunny Acres
  • 457 2335 – Massy Stores Waterfront
  • 457 2320 – Massy Home Store La Tourney OR

via email to discuss any special requirements, that can be facilitated to meet your needs.

We thank you for your understanding and commitment to act responsibly.