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Massy Finance Remittances Ltd became agents of MoneyGram International (MoneyGram) in 2003 under the name Diligenti Limited. In 2004, the name was changed to N&M Remittance Services Limited (NMRSL). In 2013, Massy Group rebranded, and the name changed to Massy Finance Remittances. MoneyGram Services is currently offered in over thirty-five (35) sub-agent locations throughout Trinidad and Tobago.

As an agent of MoneyGram, the following services are offered throughout our agent locations:

International Send Transactions

Customers can send to family and friends outside of Trinidad and Tobago.

International Receive Transactions

Customers can receive money from family and friends living outside of Trinidad and Tobago.

Domestic Send and Receive Transactions (within Trinidad and Tobago)

Customers can send or receive money within Trinidad and Tobago.

Making Money Transfer Easier for You

Our mission is to connect friends and family throughout the world in a manner that is convenient by providing a reliable financial connection for life’s essentials and daily needs. Our services have the ability to positively impact millions of lives every day.

How To Send Money

How to send money in person at a MoneyGram agent location

Start by finding a MoneyGram agent location near you.

  • Your full name and Identification Document.
  • Your recipient’s name matching their ID.
  • Recipient’s location.
  • The amount you wish to send, plus fees.

  • Complete a customer form with the required information if applicable
  • Provide Identification document to the agent

*Required information can be provided verbally as well.

  • Give the agent the money (principal + fees).
  • Sign and obtain a copy of your receipt
  • Remember to provide the 8-digit reference number to your recipient.

How To Receive Money

Receive money at any MoneyGram agent location

Start by finding a MoneyGram agent location near you.

  • The 8-digit MoneyGram Reference Number that can be found on sender’s receipt.
  • You will need to bring a valid form of Government issued photo ID (e.g. Driver's permit, Passport or Government ID).

  • Customer slips are available at the agent locations. Complete a customer slip with the reference number and required information, if applicable
  • Provide your valid photo I.D (Driver's permit, National ID card or passport) to the agent

*Required information can be provided verbally as well.

Cambio | Fx Rates

Massy Finance Remittances Ltd is also an authorized Bureau De Change provider offering Cambio Services at nine (9) Massy Stores locations and at the Head office branches at Uptown Mall, Edward Street and Nicholas Towers, Independence Square.






















17th May 2022